Are you worried about climate change? Do you want to make a difference?
Now is your chance to be a climate changemaker!



Ilmastonmuutosvoima – or Climatechangemaker – is project for young people who want to
change the world. During the project, sums of 50 – 5000 euros will be granted to anyone under
the age of 25 that wants to combat climate change and bring to life a climate-related project.
The object of Climatechangemaker is to give power to young people when it comes to climate
issues and launch effective climate action across Finland.

The project has been started and funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and will be carried
out by the Finnish National Youth Council Allianssi.

We will be granting up to 150 000 euros of funding so that young people can carry out their
climate ideas by the end of the summer 2020. The application period will be open during the
spring of 2020 and project funding will be granted from March until funds run out. Be sure to
take up the challenge and apply for funding as soon as possible!