Application Instructions

The Climatechangemaker project will grant sums of €50–€5,000 to young people’s climate-related projects. We encourage all young people interested in climate issues to apply for funding for their ideas!

The application period will open on 1 March 2021 and will remain open until the end of May.

Application rounds

During the spring, three application rounds will be organised which will end on 26 March, 23 April and 21 May

Information about the funds to be granted can be expected about two weeks after the end of the application round. You can apply for funding using the application form. The application form must contain a free-form description of your idea, how to implement it and its timeline as well as an estimated budget and contact details for the applicants. Please read the instructions on the form carefully!

Selection Criteria

Funding will be given to projects aiming for one or more of the following targets:

  1. Decreasing greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Increasing climate-related knowledge
  3. Adapting to the climate crisis

All applications and projects must meet the following conditions:

  1. The aim of the project must be to deal with the challenges and solutions related to the climate crisis and to promote a sustainable way of life.
  2. The project must be carried out in spring or summer 2021.
  3. The project must be devised and implemented by the young people themselves.
  4. The applicants and leaders of the project must have been born in 1996 or later.
  5. The funding received must be used to fund the project-related costs for which receipts must be presented. All receipts must be kept. It is also possible to receive up to €500 in compensation for your own work. The sum being applied for and the grounds for it must be put on the application form. 
  6. The project cannot be part of, for example, the continuing operations of an association. However, projects that received funding in the 2020 project period may seek further funding for this period.

Please note that less funding than what was applied for may be granted if the grounds given are insufficient, so please fill in the application form carefully.

The application form can be found on the Climatechangemaker website from 1 March 2021.

The following are required of all projects:

  • originality
  • effectiveness
  • a connection to combating climate change
  • youth participation
  • social media content for posting in Climatechangemaker channels
  • light reporting (e.g. social media content) on project implementation

The following are also required of projects granted more than €1,000 of funding:

  • effectiveness that goes beyond the applicant’s own immediate circles
  • a written report on project implementation
  • more detailed reporting and receipts of the actual costs

A project may be, for example:

  • a climate event, discussion event, course or workshop
  • a purchase for a demonstration, an art project, tree-planting, travel costs to a climate event (by carbon-neutral transport)
  • online action or campaign, the establishment of a climate-related company, the production of climate material

You can find the projects that received funding in 2020 here.

But don’t let these ideas limit your creativity! Plan your own climate project and convince the panel with your originality!

Panel of experts

Decisions on the granting of funding will be made after each application round by a panel consisting of well-known experts and activists from the sphere of climate action.

In 2021, the panel of experts will include:

  • Krista Mikkonen, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change
  • Emma Sairanen, Youth Delegate for Climate
  • Eeva Furman, Director of the Environment Policy Centre at the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
  • Susanne Österlund-Toivonen, Executive Director, City of Helsinki Environmental Youth Work Unit

Under-age applicants and consent of parent/guardian

If the applicant does not have a bank account, they must provide the payment information of a joint applicant over the age of 18 into whose account the funding can be paid. If an applicant is under the age of 18, we require the consent of their parent/guardian prior to participation.

Important information concerning taxation

If the grant is awarded to a registered organisation (e.g. a registered association), the grant is not considered to be personal income.

If the grant is awarded to a private individual, the grant is NOT considered to be taxable income if the project involves artistic activities and if the total sum of the recipient’s grants and scholarships (received from other sources in the same year) is less than EUR 23,668.35.

If the grant is awarded to a private individual and the project does not involve artistic activities, the grant is considered to be taxable income. In that case, Allianssi asks the grant recipient for their tax card before making the disbursement. Allianssi files withholding tax in accordance with the tax card. The recipient receives the grant in 2021, which means that the grant is included in the recipient’s income for the tax year 2021. The recipient must report the project-related expenses covered by the grant in their 2021 tax declaration. The reporting of the costs ensures that the Tax Administration knows which project-related costs have been covered by the grant and are tax-deductible. The recipient is recommended to keep receipts for all project-related costs for project reporting and taxation purposes.

Allianssi informs the Tax Administration of all grants of at least EUR 1,000 paid to private individuals.

Any questions? You can contact Climatechangemaker via social media: Instagram and TikTok @ilmastonmuutosvoima, Twitter @ilmastonmuutosv. Or you may also contact the Project Coordinator: