Application Instructions

The Climatechangemaker project will grant sums of 50 to 5000 euros to climate-related projects. We encourage all kinds of people with different backgrounds and ideas to apply!

The application period is open! 

Application rounds

The final round of funding will end on Thursday June 4th at 11:59 PM.

Application results can be expected about two weeks after the end of the funding round. You can apply for funding by filling out the application form. The application form must contain a description of your idea, its implementation and timeline as well as an estimated budget and contact details for the applicant. Please read the instructions carefully!

Selection Criteria

Funding can be given to actions that aim for one or more of the following targets:

  1. Decreasing greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Increasing climate knowledge
  3. Actions that lead to adapting to climate change

All applications and projects must fill the following criteria

  1. The project must be related to challenges and solutions that are connected to climate change and promote a sustainable lifestyle.
  2. The project is a new concept or idea. It will happen once or will be used to begin ongoing action.
  3. The project will be brought to life during the spring or summer of 2020.
  4. The project is planned and carried out by young people themselves.
  5. The applicants and all those in charge of the project must be born in 1995 or younger.
  6. The grant will be used to fund project-related costs of which there are receipts. All receipts must be stored. Climatechangemaker funding cannot be used to cover the applicant’s own salary or other forms of income.


All projects should include

  • originality
  • effectiveness
  • combating climate change
  • participation by young people
  • social media content to be posted on Climatechangemaker accounts
  • light reporting (for example social media content) on the project itself

In addition, projects with over 1000 euros of funding should include

  • effectiveness that goes beyond the applicant’s own immediate circles 
  • a written report of the project implementation
  • a more detailed report as well as receipts of costs

Some examples of project types include

  • a climate event, a speaker event, a visit to an interesting location, a pop up event, a vegetarian cooking course, a workshop related to sustainable transportation, a carbon-neutral school disco
  • a purchase for a demonstration, an art project, planting trees, travels costs to a climate event (carbon neutral)
  • online action or campaigns, producing climate material

But don’t let these ideas limit your creativity! You can think of something completely new and convince the panel with your originality.

Panel of experts

Decisions related to funding will be made by our panel of experts, which includes well-known climate experts and activists. The panel will meet monthly during the spring to decide on applications.

The panel of experts includes

  • Krista Mikkonen, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change
  • Sara Nyman, Youth Climate Delegate
  • Mervi Maatela, teacher, media expert and producer of Tubecon
  • Mari Pantsar, Director of Carbon Neutral Circular Economy at Sitra


Under-age applicants and Guardian Consent

If the applicant does not have their own bank account, they must provide the payment information of another applicant that is above the age of 18. If an applicant is under age, guardian consent must be provided prior to participation.